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On 31st December 2019, World Health Organization (WHO) was alerted to several cases of infection with similar symptoms as pneumonia in Wuhan, China. The virus was identified as a new one in the corona virus family also known as covid-19.

Common symptoms of infection include fever, cough, and breathing difficulties and in more severe cases, infection can cause kidney failure and also lead to death.
Globally, over 197,000 cases have been confirmed and over 7,000 deaths recorded. Our country Nigeria has confirmed 12 cases, with most being in Lagos. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and Lagos being the commercial nerve center of the country makes us understand the grave extent of disruption the spread could cause in our private lives and businesses if not curbed. In the light of the above, the delivery of our operations and services has been adjusted to ensure minimal risk to us, our clients and third parties. Consequently, the below listed measures have been adopted and we solicit your understanding and cooperation:

➢ Everyone coming into the office must have their hands sanitized.
➢ Washing of hands where possible is implemented.
➢ Cleaning and disinfecting the office at least three times a day has been enforced. Do bear with us if you visit while this is being done.
➢ If the need arises, we will be enforcing a work-from-home policy.
➢ Out of office meetings are limited to the barest minimum.

In our guarding services, we have adopted these measures in order to reduce their exposure to the virus:
➢ Constant sensitization of our guards on the ills of covid-19.
➢ Regular washing of hands as the locations can allow
➢ Politely insisting that visitors to the facility use their own pens to sign in and out of the facility.

Onboard our vessels…:
➢ A restocking of hygiene tools such as the hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and thermometer to monitor temperature.
➢ Consistent education and creation of awareness to the crew.
➢ Isolation of any sick crew member till the vessel berths at the nearest jetty.

Currently we await any directive from the Nigerian Navy and other relevant agencies on this subject with regards to our offshore operations. As soon as this is received, please be assured of compliance on our part and prompt dissemination to you.

In our journey management services, for the protection of our Commanders, pilots and you, our esteemed client…..

➢ All cars used for journey management now have hand sanitizers.
➢ Principals are expected to sanitize their hands before getting into in the car.
➢ Door handles are sanitized at each drop off point.
➢ Handshakes are not allowed.

We assure you of our utmost commitment to an effective service delivery despite the threats posed by this pandemic, as your total satisfaction with our service remains top priority.

Best Regards

Armah Anyebe

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